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Foreign right Als ik er niet meer ben When I'm Gone Beau Charlotte

1914. Great Britain is at war with Germany, but Scotland is yet untouched by it. Douglas McMorrow is an introverted sixteen-year-old boy who leads an unhappy and solitary life in the Highlands. He wishes to escape the village and make his mark on the world. A local farm boy, the patriotic Lachlan Gray, convinces him to join the army. They see it as a great adventure and have no idea what lies ahead.


For Douglas, the boy's dream comes to an end very quickly, but going back is not an option. He would rather die in an honourable way than live a monotonous and unfulfilling life, or worse: end up like his alcoholic father who lost himself in grief and self pity. However, to protect himself from trauma and the horrors of war, he has to hide his true self. Douglas fights his way through until there is nothing left of the sensitive, kind-hearted boy he once was.


When I'm Gone is about grief, insecurity, sexuality, abuse and addiction. It is a coming of age story with educational value that takes us back to a horrible period in human history. 15+

When I'm Gone

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Wings of Death

The Kingdom of Nerefel is shrouded in the dark clouds of civil war, intensifying the suffering of its people through rising poverty. Brynn, a village girl, finds herself entangled in the turmoil when her family, desperate for stability and security, arranges her marriage to the nobleman Gilroy. Just as Brynn begins to develop trust in her relationship, she falls victim to the cunning and vengeful Szarka, a servant of the rebel leader and known as "the last mage of Nerefel." Imprisoned and thrust into an unfamiliar, shadowy part of the kingdom, Brynn becomes a key player in the war and a complex plot against her own people. This narrative takes a distinctive turn by illuminating the antagonists, providing readers with an original and thought-provoking perspective.

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Curse of the Shades

The civil war is over, and finally, there is peace in Nerefel. However, Brynn finds herself adrift and leads a secluded life. She worries about her son, Rodion, who possesses a dangerous gift, especially in a world where mages face persecution. With the support of the king, she endeavors to safeguard Rodion's reputation and heritage. Yet, emerging from the shadows exposes her to rivals and untrustworthy nobles. For some, it seems convenient when young Rodion disappears one day into Ebony Forest, where malevolent forces lurk. This thrilling and grim sequel to Wings of Death explores themes of unconditional love and finding one's inner strength, resonating with young adults who relish dark tales.
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The Dark One's Heart

Emperor Silvan, known as 'the Exalted,' holds dominion over half the world and once again directs his attention to Nerefel. The rulers of the small kingdom align with Nordic warriors, yet a harrowing incident threatens to fracture their unity. Meanwhile, as Brynn and Szarka contend with fugitive mages, King Doran is forced to choose between the happiness of his only son and the fate of Nerefel.
A merciless ending of the trilogy. For young adults who can handle a punch.

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